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a Web3 studio and incubator

powered by blockchain technology

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Who we are

Quandefi is a Web3 studio and incubator that builds and invests in blockchain products. 

We are service

We use proprietary technology, strategy and our network to bridge the gap between existing businesses and Web3.

We are creators of
new businesses.

We are building new blockchain businesses as we identify white spaces and opportunities across the quickly evolving Web3 landscape.

We are strategic investors.

We are investing in early-stage companies with explosive growth potential, providing capital and infrastructure that simplify the company creation process.

What we do

We’re looking to partake directly in the creation of new businesses, new platforms and new tech, to push the limitations of the industry. We’re also investing in projects and companies that are pushing the boundaries, to inject capital into innovators that are improving the community at large.

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Branded NFT Marketplaces

We build proprietary NFT marketplaces for our clients that appeal to their unique needs and customer bases.

Credit Card Crypto Payments

We provide seamless transactions with multiple purchase methods, including bank transfers, crypto and credit card payments.

NFT-Based Customer Loyalty

We build platforms that encourage further customer loyalty through blockchain technology.

Custom Blockchain Solutions

Utilizing our expertise and experience, we build custom blockchain and NFT solutions for entry to the Web3 space.
a laptop mockup showcasing Notables, an NFT studio created by web3 incubator Quandefi
Our Portfolio
From products we're developing to technologies we're investing in, we're continuously expanding our portfolio to span across Web3.
Our Services
We provide solutions for a changing Web3 landscape, to lead businesses into the space and create new opportunities for our clients.

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